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Kids Books » Quebec Youth Literature

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A Coyote Columbus Story   $9.95 A Little Boy Catches a Whale   $7.95
A Promise Is A Promise   $7.95 Alego (Hardcover)   $17.95
Alison's Ghosts   $8.95 An Aboriginal Carol (Hardcover)   $24.95
Anytime Stories   $9.95 Anywhere Stories   $9.95
Arctic Stories   $7.95 As Long As the Rivers Flow (PB)   $12.95
Baseball Bats for Christmas   $12.95 Belle of Batoche   $7.95
Caring For Me series: Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth   $10.95 Caring For Me series: Living Safe, Playing Safe   $10.95
Caring For Me series: Looking After Me   $10.95 Catching Spring   $7.95
Christmas La Pouchinn   $20.95 Chuck in the City   $10.95
Come and Learn With Me: Ewo, seh Kedjdjh (Hardcover)   $16.95 Dancing With The Cranes   $12.95
Découvre l'agriculture   $6.95 Encounter   $11.50
Fatty Legs: A True Story   $12.95 Fox On the Ice   $12.95
Gray Wolf's Search   $18.95 Great Musicians From Our First Nations   $10.95
Great Women From Our First Nations   $10.95 Hide and Sneak   $7.95
How I Got My Dogsled   $8.95 How the Cougar Came to be Called the Ghost Cat   $12.95
How the Fox Got His Crossed Legs (Hardcover)   $22.95 How the Fox Saved the People (Hardcover)   $26.95
How We Saw the World: Nine Native Stories of the Way Things Began   $9.95 I Am Raven: A Story of Discovery (Hardcover)   $18.95
I Help/Niwechihaw (Hardcover)   $18.95 I Like Who I Am   $12.95
If You're Not from the Prairie...   $19.95 Keepers of Life: Discovering Plants through Native American Stories and Earth Activities for Children   $33.95
Keepers of the Earth: Native Stories and Environmental Activities for Children   $23.95 Keepers of the Night: Native Stories and Nocturnal Activities for Children   $14.95
Lessons From Mother Earth   $9.95 Living Stories: Godi Weghaa Ets' Eeda (Hardcover)   $16.95
Long Powwow Nights (Hardcover)   $24.95 Loon Rock   $9.95
Men of Courage from Our First Nations   $10.95 Meshom and the Little One   $14.95
Morning On The Lake   $7.95 Mounds of earth and shell   $13.99
Muin and the Seven Bird Hunters   $12.95 My Arctic 1,2,3   $9.95
Neekna and Chemai   $14.95 Nine Micmac Legends   $9.95
Nokum is My Teacher (Hardcover)   $24.95 Northern Lights: The Soccer Trails   $8.95
Peace Walker: The Legend of Hiawatha and Tekanawita (Hardcover)   $9.99 People of the Land Legends of the Four Host First Nations (Hardcover)   $36.95
Proud to Be Inuvialuit: Quviahuktunga Inuvialuugama (Hardcover)   $16.95 Racin' Jason   $12.95
Sammy Goes to Residential School   $11.95 Secret of the Dance   $9.95
Seven Sacred Teachings (Hardcover)   $24.95 Shin-chi's Canoe (Hardcover)   $18.95
SkySisters   $8.95 Solomon's Tree   $10.95
Spirits, Fairies and Merpeople (Hardcover)   $21.99 The Contest   $8.95
The Delta Is My Home (Hardcover)   $16.95 The Drum Calls Softly (Hardcover)   $24.95
The Flower Beadwork People   $15.00 The Hungry Time   $5.95
The Inuit Thought Of It   $9.95 The Kids Book of Aboriginal Peoples Of Canada   $14.95
The Legend of the Caribou Boy   $19.95 The Little Hummingbird (Hardcover)   $18.95
The Littlest Sled Dog   $10.95 The Moccasins   $10.95
The Old Man with the Otter Medicine   $19.95 The Rabbit's Race (Hardcover)   $19.95
The Sharing Circle (Meuse)   $12.95 The Song Within My Heart (Hardcover)   $24.95
The Story of Chakapas   $5.00 The Voyage of Wood Duck: Ta'n Teli Kaqasimiliala'sis Malsikws   $10.76
Tiktala   $9.95 When The Spirits Dance   $16.95
Where Only the Elders Go: Moon Lake Loon Lake   $12.95 Yamozha and His Beaver Wife (Hardcover)   $25.95
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