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A Different Game   $7.95 A Girl Called Echo, Vol 1: Pemmican Wars   $18.95
A Goal In Sight   $9.95 A Grain of Rice   $12.95
A Name Earned   $12.95 A Stranger at Home: A True Story   $12.95
A Very Small Rebellion   $7.95 Algonquin Spring: An Algonquin Quest Novel   $12.99
Algonquin Sunset: An Algonquin Quest Novel   $12.99 Alison's Ghosts   $8.95
As Long As the Rivers Flow (PB)   $12.95 Babs' Adventures: Christmas on the Trapline   $14.95
Babs' Adventures: Stranger at the Creek (Hardcover)   $19.95 Babs' Adventures: The Storm on the Lake (Hardcover)   $19.95
Battle Cry at Batoche   $11.95 Bearwalker   $8.50
Belle of Batoche   $7.95 Bigfoot Boy: The Sound of Thunder   $10.95
Billy Buckhorn: Abnormal   $12.95 Billy Buckhorn: Paranormal   $12.95
Billy Buckhorn: Supranormal   $11.95 Black Sheep, White Crow and Other Windmill Tales: Stories from Navajo Country   $29.95
Broken Trail   $11.95 Bus to the Badlands   $6.95
Caged Eagles   $10.95 Catching Spring   $7.95
Children of the Longhouse   $10.99 Coyote Tales   $16.95
Curse of the Shaman: A Marble Island Story   $12.99 Dakwäkãda Warriors   $20.00
Dalen and Gole: Scandal in Port Angus   $9.95 Danny Blackgoat, Navajo Prisoner   $11.95
Danny Blackgoat, Rugged Road to Freedom   $11.95 Danny Blackgoat: Dangerous Passage   $12.95
Dear Canada: These Are My Words: The Residential School Diary of Violet Pesheens   $16.99 Dragonfly Song   $19.95
Eagle Song   $7.99 Fatty Legs: A True Story   $12.95
Fight for Justice   $7.95 Fire Starters   $18.95
Flying with a Broken Wing   $12.95 Flying With the Eagle, Racing the Great Bear: Tales From Native North America   $12.95
Food Fight: A Graphic Guide Adventure   $9.95 Free Throw   $9.95
Freedom Bound   $11.95 Ghost of Spirit Bear   $7.99
Ghosts: The Reckoner, Book 3   $19.95 Girl of the Southern Sea   $19.95
Going Places   $7.95 Good For Nothing   $14.95
Goodbye Buffalo Bay   $16.95 Hannah and the Salish Sea   $11.95
Hannah and the Spindle Whorl   $12.95 Hannah and the Wild Woods   $11.95
He Who Dreams   $9.95 Hope's Journey   $11.95
How I Became a Ghost: A Choctaw Trail of Tears Story   $13.95 I Am Algonquin: An Algonquin Quest Novel   $12.99
I Can Make This Promise   $21.00 If I Ever Get Out of Here   $13.99
Jak's Story   $10.99 Joy of Apex   $9.95
Kit's Wilderness   $8.99 Lacrosse Warrior: The Life of Mohawk Lacrosse Champion Gaylord Powless   $9.95
Little Voice   $9.95 Lucky Break   $9.95
Man-to-Man   $8.99 Media Meltdown: A Graphic Guide Adventure   $9.95
Molly's Promise   $7.95 Monsters: The Reckoner, Book 2   $19.95
Moses, Me, and Murder: A Barkerville Mystery   $10.99 My Life In A Kwagu'l Big House   $18.95
My Name is Seepeetza   $10.95 Nathan   $13.95
No Name   $11.95 No Time to Say Goodbye   $9.95
Northern Kids   $12.95 Nosta   $9.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: Joannie and the Vikings   $12.95 Pete's Gold   $10.95
Power Play: A Graphic Guide Adventure   $9.95 Putuguq & Kublu   $5.95
Putuguq and Kublu and the Qalupalik   $6.95 Racin' Jason   $12.95
Ramp Rats: A Graphic Guide Adventure   $9.95 Rocky Mountain Kids   $12.95
Running on Empty   $9.95 Santa's Helper   $10.95
Shutout   $9.95 Skeleton Man   $7.25
Small Things   $24.95 Soapstone Porcupine   $6.95
Soapstone Signs   $6.95 Soccer Sabotage: A Graphic Guide Adventure   $9.95
Son Who Returns   $11.95 Spirit of the White Bison   $17.00
Spirit Quest   $11.99 Stolen Away   $10.95
Storm Child   $14.95 Strangers: The Reckoner, Book 1   $19.95
Strong Stories Tlingit: Raven Returns the Daylight   $8.50 Strong Stories Tlingit: Raven Returns the Daylight 6-Pack   $51.00
Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story   $16.00 Surviving the City   $18.95
Swallow's Dance   $19.95 Tales From the Big Spirit, The Ballad of Nancy April: Shawnadithit   $16.95
Tales From the Big Spirit, The Chief: Mistahimaskwa   $16.95 Tales From the Big Spirit, The Land of Os: John Ramsay   $16.95
Tales From the Big Spirit, The Peacemaker: Thanadelthur   $16.95 Tales From the Big Spirit, The Poet: Pauline Johnson   $16.95
Tales From the Big Spirit, The Rebel: Gabriel Dumont   $16.95 Tales From the Big Spirit, The Scout: Tommy Prince   $16.95
Talking Leaves   $11.99 Talking to the Moon   $12.95
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian   $20.99 The Arrow over the Door   $7.99
The Birchbark House Series (book 1): The Birchbark House   $7.99 The Birchbark House Series (book 2): The Game of Silence   $9.25
The Birchbark House Series (book 3): The Porcupine Year   $8.95 The Birchbark House Series (book 4): Chickadee   $8.50
The Birchbark House Series (book 5): Makoons   $8.50 The Boy Who Walked Backwards   $12.95
The Case of Windy Lake   $10.95 The Contest   $8.95
The Dream Catcher Pool   $10.95 The Fox Wife   $16.95
The Ghost Collector   $11.95 The Girl Who Married the Moon   $18.95
The Journey Forward, A Novella On Reconciliation   $13.99 The Legend of Skeleton Man: Skeleton Man and The Return of Skeleton Man   $9.99
The Long Run   $12.95 The Mask That Sang   $9.95
The Power of Harmony   $12.95 The Warriors   $6.99
The Way   $12.95 The Way Lies North   $10.95
The White Oneida   $11.95 Those Who Dwell Below   $13.95
Those Who Run in the Sky   $13.95 Thunder on the Plains   $11.95
Thunderbird Spirit   $9.95 Time of the Thunderbird   $11.99
Too Young to Escape   $18.95 Tribal Journey   $12.95
Trickster: Native American Tales   $27.95 Triple Threat   $9.95
Trust Your Name   $12.95 Two Hawk Dreams   $25.50
Two Roads   $22.99 Two Roads (PB)   $10.99
Vancouver Kids   $12.95 Walking Two Worlds   $11.95
War of the Blink   $24.95 When a Ghost Talks, Listen: A Choctaw Trail of Tears Story   $25.95
Where I Belong   $12.95 Why The Monster   $13.95
Wild Ride: A Graphic Guide Adventure   $9.95  
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