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Raven Series Complete Set - ON SALE   $71.80 1234 First Nations Explore   $19.99
A Bear's Life   $19.95 A Caribou Alphabet   $11.95
A Circle of Friends (6-pack)   $42.00 A Garden of Whales   $6.95
A is for Adventure   $19.95 A is for Amphitrite   $19.95
A Moose in a Maple Tree: The All Canadian 12 Days of Christmas   $19.95 A Name for a Metis   $10.95
A Northern Alphabet   $9.99 A Pod of Orcas   $9.95
A Salmon for Simon   $6.95 About Habitats: Deserts   $10.95
About Habitats: Forests   $22.95 About Habitats: Grasslands   $10.95
About Habitats: Mountains   $10.95 About Habitats: Oceans   $10.95
About Habitats: Polar Regions   $22.95 About Habitats: Seashores   $22.95
About Habitats: Wetlands   $10.95 Accept and Value Each Person   $15.95
Alego (Hardcover)   $17.95 An Aboriginal Carol (Hardcover)   $24.95
Animal Puzzles   $7.00 Animal Puzzles (6-pack)   $42.00
Animals of the Salish Sea   $15.00 Animals of the Salish Sea (BB)   $10.00
Arctic Stories   $7.95 Are You Hungry, Little Bear?   $7.00
Are You Hungry, Little Bear? (6-pack)   $42.00 Baby Bear   $7.00
Baby Bear (6-pack)   $42.00 Baby Bears   $7.95
Baby Deer   $7.95 Baby Polar Bears   $7.95
Baby Rattlesnake   $15.95 Baby Wild Animals   $6.95
Baby Wolves   $7.95 Bald Eagle Facts   $7.00
Bald Eagle Facts (6-pack)   $42.00 Bannock Surprise   $7.00
Bannock Surprise (6-pack)   $42.00 Be Careful and Stay Safe   $15.95
Be Honest and Tell the Truth   $17.99 Be Polite and Kind   $15.95
Bear Facts   $7.00 Bear Facts (6-pack)   $42.00
Berry Magic   $16.95 Black Raven   $7.00
Black Raven (6-pack)   $42.00 British Columbia Lullaby   $12.95
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Slide and Find   $12.99 But What If? (Hardcover)   $18.99
But Why Can’t I? (Hardcover)   $18.99 By Day, By Night   $16.95
Canadian Jingle Bells (Hardcover)   $19.95 Caring For Me series: Eat, Run and Live Healthy   $10.95
Caring For Me series: Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth   $10.95 Caring For Me series: Living Safe, Playing Safe   $10.95
Carry Me   $10.95 Carry Me, Mama   $9.95
Chester Bear, Where are You?   $10.95 Chuck in the City   $10.95
Clever Raven   $7.00 Clever Raven (6-pack)   $42.00
Colors Colores   $10.00 Come and Play   $7.00
Come and Play (6-pack)   $42.00 Cool Down and Work Through Anger   $18.50
Coyote and the Sky How the Sun, Moon, and Stars Began (Hardcover)   $29.95 Coyote Christmas: A Lakota Story (Hardcover)   $22.95
Coyote Places the Stars   $9.99 Crossing the River   $7.00
Crossing the River (6-pack)   $42.00 Dawn Flight: A Lakota Story   $16.99
Dipnetting With Dad   $19.95 Dragonfly Kites (Hardcover)   $19.95
Everybody Needs A Rock   $9.99 First Fire: A Cherokee Folktale   $13.95
First Nations Families   $12.00 Fish For Supper   $7.00
Fish For Supper (6-pack)   $42.00 Fox's Garden   $21.95
Frog Can Do Many Things   $7.00 Frog Can Do Many Things (6-pack)   $42.00
Frog Facts   $7.00 Frog Facts (6-pack)   $42.00
Frog Girl   $11.95 Frogs   $7.00
Frogs (6-pack)   $42.00 Frogs! Frogs! Frogs!   $7.00
Frogs! Frogs! Frogs! (6-pack)   $42.00 From the Mountains to the Sea: We Live Here   $29.95
Fun With Father   $7.00 Fun With Father (6-pack)   $42.00
Gift Horse: A Lakota Story (Hardcover)   $22.95 Giving Thanks   $15.95
Going Home: The Mystery of Animal Migration   $11.95 Going to Grandma's   $6.95
Grow Strong! A Book About Healthy Habits   $14.99 Growing Up   $7.00
Growing Up (6-pack)   $42.00 Hands and Feet   $7.00
Hands and Feet (6-pack)   $42.00 Hello Humpback   $9.95
Hello Spring!   $7.00 Hello Spring! (6-pack)   $42.00
Honouring Our Elders: A guide to Elder Participation in AHS programs   $34.95 How Chipmunk Got His Stripes   $8.50
How Do Plants Grow?   $7.00 How Do Plants Grow? (6-pack)   $42.00
How Nivi Got Her Names   $10.95 How Raven Stole the Sun (Tales of the People) (Hardcover)   $20.95
Hurry Up, Illua!   $10.95 I Can't Have Bannock But The Beaver Has A Dam   $12.00
I Didn't Do It! (Hardcover)   $18.95 I Don't Want to Be Nice!: A book about showing kindness   $18.95
I Hate Everything! (Hardcover)   $18.99 I Help/Niwechihaw (Hardcover)   $12.95
I Know I Am Precious and Sacred   $9.95 I Like Being Me   $14.99
I Loved Her   $10.95 I Want to Win!: A book about being a good sport   $18.95
I Was Born Precious and Sacred   $9.95 I’m Not Happy (Hardcover)   $18.99
In the Pond   $7.00 In the Pond (6-pack)   $42.00
In Went Mouse   $7.00 In Went Mouse (6-pack)   $42.00
It's Okay To Be Different (Hardcover)   $10.50 Jingle Dancer (Hardcover)   $21.99
Join In and Play   $17.99 Just a Walk   $10.95
Just Like Grandma   $7.00 Just Like Grandma (6-pack)   $42.00
Kalla   $9.95 Kamik Joins the Pack   $10.95
Kelly's Garden   $6.95 Know and Follow Rules   $15.95
Kumak's House   $15.95 Learn From the Animals of the Salish Sea: Coast Salish Native Art   $7.95
Let's Go For a Paddle   $7.00 Let's Go For a Paddle (6-pack)   $42.00
Listen and Learn   $15.95 Long Powwow Nights (Hardcover)   $24.95
Loon Rock   $9.95 Loving Me   $8.95
Mama Says: A Book of Love for Mothers and Sons (Hardcover)   $18.99 Mama, Do You Love Me? (PB)   $10.99
Many Nations   $8.99 Mayuk The Grizzly Bear   $7.95
Métis Christmas Mittens   $15.00 Minegoo: the Mi'Kmaq Creation Story of Prince Edward Island   $13.95
Moe & Malaya Visit the Nurse   $14.95 More Baby Wild Animals   $6.95
Mother Raven Nursery Rhymes   $8.50 My Arctic 1,2,3   $9.95
My Favorite Places from A to Z (Hardcover)   $18.45 My Favorite Sounds from A to Z (Hardcover)   $18.45
My Heart Fills with Happiness   $9.95 My Little Baby Bear   $5.50
Nighty Night   $8.99 Nimoshom and His Bus   $18.95
Ningwakwe's ABC Book   $24.95 Noisy Bird Sing-Along   $11.95
Noisy Bug Sing-Along   $11.95 Noisy Frog Sing-Along   $11.95
Not Fair, Won't Share (Hardcover)   $18.99 O Is for Orca: An Alphabet Book   $11.99
On Mother's Lap (Board Book)   $9.99 On Mother's Lap (Paperback)   $9.95
On My Walk   $6.95 On Our Hike   $7.00
On Our Hike (6-pack)   $42.00 One Blue Moose   $14.95
One Eagle Soaring   $9.95 Our Food Our Stories: Celebrating our Gifts from the Creator   $17.95
Over in the Arctic: Where the Cold Winds Blow   $11.95 Over in the Forest: Come and Take a Peek   $11.95
Over on a Mountain: Somewhere in the World   $11.95 Owls See Clearly At Night (Lii Yiiboo Nayaapiwak Lii Swer): A Michif Alphabet (L'Alfabet Di Michif) (Hardcover)   $18.95
Powwow Counting in Cree (Hardcover)   $16.95 Powwow's Coming (Hardcover)   $29.95
Putuguq & Kublu   $5.95 Rabbit's Snow Dance (Hardcover)   $18.00
Raven And Eagle   $9.95 Raven Facts   $7.00
Raven Makes a Plan   $7.00 Raven Makes a Plan (6-pack)   $42.00
Raven Series: I Spy Raven (Big Book)   $19.95 Raven Series: Mini Raven Series Set   $21.95
Raven Series: Raven and Duck (Big Book)   $19.95 Raven Series: Raven and Frog Count (Big Book)   $19.95
Raven Series: Raven and the Box (Big Book)   $19.95 Raven Series: Raven Makes a Necklace (Big Book)   $19.95
Raven Series: Raven Sings the ABC's (Big Book)   $19.95 Raven's Feast   $16.99
Reach Out and Give   $15.95 Reading Together   $7.00
Reading Together (6-pack)   $42.00 Respect and Take Care of Things   $15.95
Ribbon Rescue   $7.99 S is for Salmon: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet   $19.99
Salmon to Share   $7.00 Salmon to Share (6-pack)   $42.00
Sea Otter Pup (PB)   $6.95 Seasons   $7.00
Seasons (6-pack)   $42.00 Shapes   $7.00
Shapes (6-pack)   $42.00 Share and Take Turns   $17.99
Sharing Our World: Animals of the Native Northwest Coast (Hardcover) (Hardcover)   $15.00 Shi-shi-etko (Hardcover)   $18.95
Shin-chi's Canoe (Hardcover)   $18.95 SkySisters   $8.95
Smelly Socks   $7.99 Something About a Bear   $21.95
Song on the Wind   $18.95 Spider Spins a Story: Fourteen Legends from Native America   $10.95
Storm Boy   $9.95 Sweetest Kulu (PB)   $10.95
Take a Deep Breath (Hardcover)   $18.95 Talk and Work It Out   $15.95
Talking With Mother Earth (Hardcover)   $17.95 Teacher's Guide for the Seven Teachings Stories   $9.99
The ABC's of our Spiritual Connection   $19.99 The Aboriginal Alphabet for Children   $10.95
The Bannock Book   $10.95 The Crying Christmas Tree   $10.95
The Diamond Willow Walking Stick   $15.00 The Eagle Family   $7.00
The Eagle Family (6-pack)   $42.00 The First Strawberries   $8.50
The Huron Carol (Hardcover)   $14.95 The Legend of the Ladyslipper   $10.99
The Little Cedar Tree   $7.00 The Little Cedar Tree (6-pack)   $42.00
The Little Hummingbird (Hardcover)   $18.95 The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, And The Big Hungry Bear   $10.99
The Littlest Sled Dog   $10.95 The Moccasins   $10.95
The Night Before a Canadian Christmas (Hardcover)   $19.95 The Night Rebecca Stayed Too Late   $10.95
The Old Man with the Otter Medicine   $19.95 The Other Way to Listen   $9.99
The Owl and the Lemming   $16.95 The People of the Sea   $10.95
The Rabbit's Race (Hardcover)   $19.95 The Seal Garden   $19.95
The Seven Teachings Stories: Amik Loves School   $9.95 The Seven Teachings Stories: Kode's Quest(ion)   $9.95
The Seven Teachings Stories: Misaabe's Stories   $9.95 The Seven Teachings Stories: Singing Sisters   $9.95
The Seven Teachings Stories: The First Day   $9.95 The Seven Teachings Stories: The Just Right Gift   $9.95
The Seven Teachings Stories: What is Truth, Betsy?   $9.95 The Sharing Circle (Larsen-Jonasson)   $16.99
The Sharing Circle (Meuse)   $12.95 The Sweetest Kulu (Board Book)   $9.95
The Sweetest Kulu (HC) (Hardcover)   $16.95 The Tree in the Ancient Forest   $11.95
The Very Brave Bear   $4.99 The Very Itchy Bear   $4.99
The Voyage of Wood Duck: Ta'n Teli Kaqasimiliala'sis Malsikws   $10.76 The Way to Start a Day   $9.99
The Wish Wind   $7.95 There Was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea   $20.95
Things That Keep Us Warm   $6.95 Thirteen Moons On Turtle's Back: A Native American Year Of Moons   $9.50
Through Grandma & Granddad's Binoculars   $12.95 Thunder Boy Jr.   $23.49
Totem Tale: A Tall Story From Alaska   $11.99 Try and Stick with It   $15.95
Turn on the Night   $18.95 Turtles Race With Beaver   $6.99
Two Pairs Of Shoes   $12.95 Ukaliq and Kalla Go Fishing   $16.95
Understand and Care   $15.95 Wait For Me!   $12.00
We Sang You Home   $9.95 We Sleep, We Eat   $7.00
We Sleep, We Eat (6-pack)   $42.00 West Coast Wild   $19.95
What Can Bald Eagles Do?   $7.00 What Can Bald Eagles Do? (6-pack)   $42.00
What Can Bears Do?   $7.00 What Can Bears Do? (6-pack)   $42.00
What Can Ravens Do?   $7.00 What Can Ravens Do? (6-pack)   $42.00
What Makes Us Unique? Our First Talk About Diversity   $19.95 What Would You Do?   $10.95
When I Feel Afraid   $15.95 Where Did You Get Your Moccasins?   $12.00
Where Is Frog's Home?   $7.00 Where Is Frog's Home? (6-pack)   $42.00
Who Feels Scared? (Hardcover)   $18.99 Who Is Missing?   $7.00
Who Is Missing? (6-pack)   $42.00 Wolf Island (HC)   $19.95
Yetsa's Sweater   $9.95 You Are Healthy   $10.50
You Are Helpful   $10.50 You Hold Me Up   $19.95
You're Just Right   $14.95 Zoe and the Fawn   $12.95
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