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Year End

What a great conference WIPCE was! Meeting people from all over the world who are all working towards the same common goal was absolutely amazing. WIPCE 2017 will be held at Six Nations in Ontario, I am already looking forward to it.

I have started to create Aboriginal Strong Boxes, the first one is: Grade 1 Aboriginal Literacy Strong Box. You can find this under: Bundles >Themed Bundles >Theme Bundle: Grade 1 Aboriginal Literacy Strong Box. This bundle is a nice balance of FNMI content for read alouds, guided reading sets and resources to support the educator and the learning environment.

Remember we are here to work with you. If you need help making some year end decisions just drop me a line or call me and I will help you out. I am home now for the rest of the school year.

Our big news is we are finally moving to a new location at the end of June. We need more room to grow and we are all very excited here. We will share all the new information once we have moved in.

In appreciation,