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Spring is here!

Spring is arriving finally on the west coast! Our little early bloomers are pushing their faces up to the sun. The trees are getting ready to bud out and our spirits are high as the days are now longer.

Our most exciting news, from my perspective, is the new book that is going to the printers today. It has been at least a year in the process and we are all very excited to see this new picture book be launched out there into the world. Mouse Celebrates the Winter Solstice will be available in 5 weeks from now. We will add it to our collection over the next week.

Many thanks to Treaty 8 First Nations for inviting me out to their upcoming education conference this week! I will be in Edmonton from March 11 - 13th and am so looking forward to meeting new folks.

Thank you as well to the Moving Forward: Building Culturally Safe Organizations conference for inviting us to attend this amazing venue in Vancouver on March 25, 2014.

Lastly, we are still working on making our site as UDL as possible. We will be launching new site updates before the end of the month.

Happy Spring Break to everyone!!!