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Strong Readers will arrive soon!

Welcome Back to the new 2012/2013 school year! We hope everyone enjoyed their summer days somewhere in the warm sun. We, on the other hand, have been very busy preparing our site and our new publishing house for the September start up.

Our new guided reading series, Strong Readers, is set to launch on September 17, 2012! We are all so excited, and proud, of being able to offer you all an exceptional series that can be used with all early learners. We have put much thought into a series that is chock full of science, numeracy, social responsibility, language arts and oral language teachings. Our 40 titles are a balance of both fiction and non fiction, beautiful illustrations by First Nations artist, Bill Helin, and beautiful photographs as well.

We hope you like our new name, Strong Nations. Please update our new name for all your information needs.

Our site has gone through some minor changes that we hope are making your browsing experience more efficient. We have added a survey that is helping to guide us in meeting your needs. At this point we have only one more major update that will likely take place in the new year, then our site will be very close to our original vision.