A Day With Yayah
Traditional Territory: Okanagan
Format: Hardcover
  • Set in the Okanagon, BC, a First Nations family goes on an outing to forage for herbs and mushrooms. Grandmother passes down her knowledge of plant life to her young grandchildren.

Authentic Canadian Content

Dancing With The Cranes
Traditional Territory: Okanagan
Format: Paperback
  • Chi finds herself feeling comforted after the loss of her grandmother, knowing her Temma will always be a part of her and looking forward to the new child who will be a part of their lives.


I See Me
Author: Margaret Manuel
Traditional Territory: Okanagan, Secwepemc
Format: Board Book
  • This delightful baby book is filled with images of baby eating, sleeping, playing and doing other antics. A blank line appears under each English caption so parents may write the word in their own language. This book will help parents educate their babies in their formative years.

    To help parents use this book, an example of an Okanagan word appears on a blank line on the first page spread. Other pages each have a blank line for missing words, and parents can write the appropriate word on each line.


Out of Print
Kou-Skelowh - We Are The People: A Trilogy of Okanagan Legends
Traditional Territory: Okanagan
Format: Paperback
  • How Turtle Set the Animals Free is a surprising tortoise-and-hare legend with far-flung consequences. How Food Was Given describes the care and sacrifice of the four Chiefs of plant and animal life devoted to the new people who will soon come to Earth.

    Barb Marchand's vital, expressive watercolours bring the creatures alive. Her adroit portrayal of self-important Coyote in the telling but hilarious How Names Were Given adds to his personality. The touching humanity of this story is the stuff of great legends.

    And Marchand's illustrations echo the compassionate but musical voice that tells this story.—Elizabeth MacCallum, Children's Book Reviewer, The Globe and Mail


    B.C. Millennium Book Awards
    2000 Winner of the B.C. Millennium Book Awards


In Re-Print
Neekna and Chemai
Traditional Territory: Okanagan
Format: Paperback
  • A story about two girls living in the Okanagan Valley before the arrival of the white man. An insight into customs and ways of the past.



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