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Louise-Catherine Bergeron

Louise-Catherine Bergeron is an author/illustrator from Quebec.

Ma Tante Charlotte / Nitosis Charlotte
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; First Nations; Atikamekw ;

La tante de Louis-Paul est invitée à souper chez lui. La connaissant très peu, il se met à imaginer le métier qu'elle fait dans la vie. Mais il apprendra vite que le travail importe peu quand on estime une personne.

Louis-Paul has never met his aunt Charlotte, whom his father has invited for supper tonight. As the story unfolds, Louis-Paul is curious to learn more about her and wonders what type of work she could possibly do. He imagines her as a physician caring for sick children, an astronaut travelling in space, an actress signing autographs, a magician, or an acrobat. The scenarios he creates are illustrated in a lively and colourful style. Intrigued by his aunt's visit, Louis-Paul talks to his father, who tells him that it is not what his sister does for a living that is important, but who she is — a person very dear to him.

This delightful story, which focuses on the importance of family, is the first work by the young Christophe Loyer. Readers will enjoy the creative illustrations of Louise-Catherine Bergeron. It is an entertaining and fun-filled picture book.  

Educator Information
This book is delivered in a dual-language format of French and Atikamekw.  Atikamekw translation by Martha Niquay.

Additional Information
24 Pages 

Authentic Canadian Content