Gary Peterson

Gary Peterson has painted the Pacific Northwest for almost fifty years. When he married a Tlingit woman, he was adopted by the Kaach.adi Clan and was named Walking Raven. His style combines the strengths of indigenous culture with a love of the natural world.

Gray Wolf's Search
Bruce Swanson
Format: Hardcover
Text Content Territories: Indigenous;

Young Gray Wolf lives on the Pacific Northwest coast with the other members of the Wolf Clan. His uncle, the clan shaman, tells Gray Wolf that his future success depends on completing an important task--he must find a very important person and get to know him well. Gray Wolf enlists the help of his brothers and sisters in the woods and waters--Eagle, Bear, Whale, Beaver, Owl and Wolf. When he returns to his clan, older and wiser, he takes the talking stick from his uncle and shares his new wisdom.

Additional Information
24 pages | 12.31" x 9.30"

Please Note: This book is listed as containing Authentic Indigenous Artwork, as the artist, Gary Peterson, was adopted into the Kaach.adi Clan and named Walking Raven.  It is up to readers to determine whether this book contains authentic artwork for their purposes.

Authentic Indigenous Artwork


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