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Pauline Paquin

Pauline Thibodeau Paquin is a Quebec artist born in St.Monique (Mirabel) in 1952.

A figurative naïve painter with an acute sense of observation, an eye for detail and an explosive color palette, Pauline T. Paquin is essentially self-taught.

A trained nurse, Pauline T. Paquin always showed a deep interest for oil painting.  In the 1970s her scenes, out of an idealised vision of childhood, rapidly found an audience within all strata of society and helped popularise art in Quebec.  She became a full-time artist in 1979.

Her paintings, often adorned with collages and the faceless characters that inhabits them are present in galleries and collections throughout Canada and beyond.  Many products derived from her work are also omnipresent through the whole country.  Canada Post has recognized her talent and has issued in 1996 a $0,52 stamp (for US destinations) to commemorate and underline the 50th anniversary of UNICEF.

Carry Me, Mama
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian;
Grade Levels: Kindergarten; 1; 2;

Katie views life from the warm hood of her mother's parka. From her safe vantage point, she watches as her mother catches salmon, picks plump, red berries, and leads the family's dog team across the snow. Then one spring day, Mama decides it is time for her little girl to walk on her own.

The first time Katie walks, it's a short distance - just as far as you can throw a stone. The next time it's as far as a rabbit runs, then as far as a bear roams! But trying to keep up with Mama takes all of Katie's energy. "Carry me, Mama!" she begs, even though Mama knows it's time for Katie to make her own way.

Carry Me, Mama is a charming story about growing up. Young children will understand Katie's mixed feelings about standing on her own two feet. Here, too, is a perfect bedtime story, as young readers follow Katie and her mother through their walks until it is time for Katie to be tucked in.

Charming illustrations by Pauline Paquin are full of life, and reflect the beauty of the northern tundra. Pauline's unique artistic style incorporates faceless figures. Remarkably expressive, these images reflect her desire for young children to see themselves as the characters in the story.

Additional Information
32 pages | 5.50" x 8.50"

Authentic Canadian Content

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