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Adam Young

Adam Young is an artist, illustrator, and teacher. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University and a Bachelor of Education from Crandall University. Adam has illustrated for magazines and newspapers across Canada.He lives on Fogo Island, Newfoundland,with his wife, two children, and a Chihuahua named Johnny Cash.

Wendy the Whitebark Pine
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: Kindergarten; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5;

Spending time in a Whitebark pine forest when cones are present can be a magical experience when the shrill of the nutcracker can be heard from the canopy and what can best be described as demented in form watching numerous squirrels and chipmunks racing from tree to tree trying to secure what food they can before winter. Sadly without human intervention this experience will be enjoyed by few people as the whitebark pine numbers continue to decline due to white pine blister rust, mountain pine beetle, fire suppression, and global climate change. The remote habitat of this species which live high in the mountains, limits the number of people that know about this issue thus we need books like Wendy the Whitebark Pine to shed some light on it’s plight.

The true story of whitebark pine is not far off of that portrayed in Wendy the Whitebark Pine. In this book, a seemingly odd assemblage of creatures is unified in their quest for whitebark pine seeds to see them through the winter. Although this group seems like it would only come together in a children’s book, in nature, they do rely on one another when whiterbark pine is involved. Clark’s nutcrackers collect and hide whitebark pine seeds, being responsible for planting nearly all whitebark pine trees; red squirrels climb the trees and collect cones to eat over winter; and grizzly bears often find where the squirrel has hidden its cones and eats what it can to quickly fatten up before winter. Regrettably, the plight difficulty faced by the trio in this book is all too real as whitebark pine numbers fall and the highly sought after cones become scarce leading wildlife to search harder for this precious resource. Thankfully there are solutions as Wendy the Whitebark and Nelly the nutcracker describe in the book; however we must act now before natural relationships are broken. This book serves to educate readers on the interconnectedness of nature, the all too common declines of species, and that solutions are possible if we work at them.

Educator & Series Information
The Legends of the Forest book series is designed for educators, home schoolers and service clubs such as Scouts and Girl Guides. The Fun Facts and Tree Identification sections found in the back of the book compliment any educator’s library and fit into the school curriculum. Also included are science projects which are great for teachers to share with their class. There is a wonderful craft section which includes Fairy Gall Bowls, Twig Crayons and a delicious recipe for Pin-e-Oregano Cheese Melts . These books make a wonderful bedtime story. Children are engaged by the visually appealing illustrations and will have fun trying to find all the hidden acorns on each page. Each book is written to connect kids with nature by giving trees personalities and having them play and active role in the forest.

This is the third book in the Legends of the Forest series.

Additional Information
56 pages | 5.51" x 8.50"

Authentic Canadian Content