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Moses Beaver

Moses Beaver was an Oji-Cree artist from the Nibinamik First Nation.  A self-taught artist, he is known for his use of colour, acrylic on canvas, Indian ink on paper, and watercolour.  His work reflects the black lines of traditional art but also portrays his own unique style of embedded images of spirits, human faces, and animal forms, transcending physical boundaries to the outer dimensions of the spiritual realm.  His work reflects realism, symbolism, and abstract imagery.

An Aboriginal Carol
Format: Hardcover
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; Métis; Inuit; First Nations;
Grade Levels: 3; 4; 5;

Before the angels stars grew dim 
And wondering hunters heard their hymn 
One mystic flute - one hundred drums 
One message clear, "A King has come!" 
Not one had ever seen the like 
By light of day or moon of night 
Before the angels stars grew dim 
And wondering hunters heard this hymn. . . 

An Aboriginal Carol is the ultimate Aboriginal collaboration: 

  • Poetry by Metis poet David Bouchard. 
  • Paintings by First Nations artist Moses Beaver.
  • Music by Inuit performer Susan Aglukark. 

Best-selling Canadian author David Bouchard reworks Canada's oldest and most well-known carol, The Huron Carol. The art of Moses Beaver, from the fly-in reserve of Summer Beaver, Ontario (Nikinamik), resonates and awakens an awareness that is at once exciting and empowering, a way for all people to understand the birth of Christ from an Aboriginal worldview. The pride of the north, Susan Aglukark, interprets, for the first time, the revered carol. 

Written in English and in Inuktituk, the language of Canada's Inuit people, the book is accompanied by a CD, which includes a reading in both languages and a performance by Susan. Also available in French and Inuktituk. An Aboriginal Carol is certain to become a classic.


  • Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice, 2009

Additional Information
32 pages | 8.50" x 11.00"


Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text
Authentic Indigenous Artwork