Margot Landahl

My journey began almost two years ago, as I sat down with three incredibly talented Delta educators, Peter DeConti, Sarah Shove and Mary Messer. It was during our conversations that I realized that the Core Competencies might well be the most exciting change for me in the new BC curriculum. I began to understand the Core Competencies as a way to teach thinking that nurtured the well being of the self and helped to create connectedness through social responsibility and compassion for place and people.

Margot Landahl lives with her family on both sides of the Coast Salish Sea. She is a proud mom, wife and Delta School District teacher. Margot maintains a close connection to nature having spent over 20 years exploring our coast by sailboat and kayak. She has a deep respect for the Indigenous Peoples and natural history of British Columbia.

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The Six Cedar Trees
Margot Landahl
Format: Paperback

What lessons can we learn from our Pacific Northwest Coast animals? This is the question Eagle explores as he settles in a tall grove of cedar trees nestled in the corner of a school playground. The Six Cedar Trees allows readers to understand the characteristics and habits of six Pacific Northwest Coast animals and how these animals can help them develop a deeper understanding of themselves.

Please note: Each animal in this story represents one of the BC Core Competencies. The characteristics and habits have been determined by the author and do not reflect any group of Indigenous peoples. Celestine Aleck, the illustrator, and Terri Mack, the publisher, both reflected and conversed on this prior to publication in that the characteristics and habits were deemed as that of anyone describing these animals. 

Beautifully illustrated animals by Coast Salish artist/author Celestine Aleck.

Cultural edits for the animal characteristics by Celestine Aleck and Terri Mack. 

Additional Information
The Six Cedar Trees is adapted from The Four Stones, an original story by Laurie Bayly, a teacher and counsellor with the Greater Victoria School District. Bayly’s story is based on SD61’s Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement, The Spirit of Alliances.

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