Eli Gifford

Eli Gifford was writing a masters thesis on Chief Seattle and his famous speech. Together with Michael Cook, who talked to the Suquamish elders, interviewed Robert Perry and contacted the estate of William Arrrowsmith, they were able to trace the evolution of the original speech to two popular 20th century adaptations. Warren Jefferson, a photographer and researcher, was given access to rare photographs from the Suquamish archives for this book.
How Can One Sell the Air?
Format: Paperback
  • Chief Seattle’s impassioned plea to respect “the sacred web of life” has become an inspiration to many. This thoroughly researched collection includes two popular 20th-century adaptations as well as a version of the speech that has been passed via the oral tradition among Suquamish elders from Chief Seattle’s tribe.

    "A valuable reference for Native American history and for those interested in the ecological efforts to preserve harmony with the earth." —Kliatt magazine



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