Joy Ang

Hello, my name is Joy Ang and I’m currently a freelance artist living in Edmonton. Lately I’ve been creating children’s illustrations and game art/concepts, but have also done editorial, comic and advertisement work.

I was born in Calgary, Alberta, and graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Design in 2007. I got my start making art professionally with Udon Comics and got into the gaming industry with BioWare. In 2009, along with my pals Nick Thornborrow & Sam Bradley, I helped create and publish 2 volumes of The Anthology Project; a collection of short comics by various talented artists.

The Qalupalik
Traditional Territory: Inuit
Format: Hardcover
  • All Inuit know about qalupaliit, strange creatures that live under the sea ice and carry away unsuspecting children on their backs. But when one bright young orphan strays too close to the ice, he soon learns that while qalupaliit may be very scary, they are also easily tricked.

    The Qalupalik is the first installment in The Unikkaakuluit Series a new, beautifully illustrated children's series based on the work of celebrated contemporary Inuit storytellers.

    Elisha Kilabuk is a popular Iqaliut-based storyteller and throat singer.



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