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Celu Amberstone

Celu is of mixed Cherokee and Scots-Irish ancestry. She was one of the only young people in her family to take an interest in learning Traditional Native crafts and medicine ways. This made several of the older members of her family very happy while annoying others. Legally blind since birth, she has defied her limitations and spent much of her life avoiding cities. Moving to Canada after falling in love with a Métis-Cree man from Manitoba, she has lived in the rain forests of the west coast, a teepee in the desert and a small village in Canada's artic. Along the way she managed to also acquire a BA in cultural anthropology and an MA in health education. For the past 10 years she has been a frequent contributor to the SF Canada professional writers website. Celu loves telling stories and reading. She lives in Victoria British Columbia near her grown children and four grandchildren.

The Dreamer's Legacy
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian;
Grade Levels: 9; 10; 11; 12;

Tasimu is a boy with the strange and perilous ability to call down the powers of the Northern Lights. Fearing rejection from family and friends, he struggles in secret to harness his gift as he searches for answers about his mysterious parentage.

When the Empire’s soldiers force his people from their arctic homeland, Tasimu’s quest and the fate of his people intersect. Will the young seeker unlock the secrets of his power and his past before his tribe is destroyed?

One man holds the key – but there is a price to be paid…

The Dreamer's Legacy is truly an interesting book. It takes a familiar story of the colonization of Indigenous people, and gives it a new and exotic twist. Celu Amberstone has fashioned a truly original take on aboriginal storytelling - it teaches, entertains, and mystifies. - Drew Hayden Taylor

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