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George Ancona

George Ancona has produced more than eighty books for children. His vivid, award-winning photo essays invite children to enter into new cultures and explore new ideas, to value the world of work, and to appreciate themselves and others. He has said about his art, "as a photographer, I can participate in other people's lives... (thereby) producing something that can be shared and has a life of its own." Mr. Ancona's awards include a Best Illustrated Children's Book of the Year Citation for Handtalk Birthday, a Parent's Choice Award for The Piñata Maker, and an Outstanding Science Trade Book Citation for The Golden Tamarind Comes Home. Born in Brooklyn of Mexican parents, Mr. Ancona now lives in New Mexico.

Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous American; Indigenous Canadian;
Grade Levels: 1; 2; 3; 4;

This beautiful photo-essay captures the essence of the Native American powwow.

Throughout the year in cities and towns and on reservations across the United States and Canada, Native Americans gather to celebrate their heritage and culture. Suits and ties, jeans and tennis shoes give way to breastplates and bustles, leggings and moccasins. In a kaleidoscope of color and movement, men, women, and children step and spin to the driving beat of a drum.

They come together in friendship to share the traditions of a powwow. But what exactly is today’s powwow? What happens at one? What’s a Grass dancer? Or a giveaway?

George Ancona traveled to Crow Agency, Montana, to attend the summer Crow Fair, the largest powwow held in the United States. Through beautiful full-color photographs, he offers an exceptional look at the celebration of Native American pride called a powwow.