Sharon Bannon

Feathers of Freedom
Sharon Bannon
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous;

Reading and writing are tools that can empower your mind and your life. They can help you become independent and self-reliant. The learning materials in Feathers of Freedom consist of legends and their teachings. There are also short biographies of some dynamic Aboriginal people that have helped to make our lives better.

Good writing skills help you to convey your thoughts much clearer and will give more meaning to your writing.

Embracing the holistic approach to literacy, this workbook incorporates spiritual teachings with reading and writing fundamentals and exercises.

This literacy workbook focuses on issues and concerns that may be relevant to Aboriginal inmates and parolees of correctional institutions.

Educator Information
Designed for learners who wish to improve their reading, writing, grammar and comprehension skills, this workbook also helps learners enhance their Native cultural identiy and self-esteem as it contains materials on Native cultural teachings, short stories and biographies of dynamic Native people. It is a particularly useful resource for Native learners in correctional literacy programs. 

Chapters begin with a short reading passage, followed by writing and reflection exercises with lessons/applications for real life. Topics covered include:

  • Stones of the Medicine Wheel
  • The Four Sacred Medicines
  • Thunderbirds
  • Clans

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