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Nikashant Antane

Nikashant was the organizer of Giant's Diabetes Awareness Walk in the spring of 2009. He also looked after public relations. He promised Giant he would always be willing to assist him in future journeys to help others. He is an Economic Development Officer with the Sheshatshiu First Nation Band, and continues to set aside time, especially during the spring, to bring his family to Kapinien Nipi (Gabriel Lake).

Giant's Dream: A Healing Journey Through Nitassinan
Format: Paperback

This book invites the reader, through stunning photographs and vivid words, to accompany Giant (Michel Andrew) as he journeys 400 kilometres across northeastern Nitassinan (Labrador) on snowshoes pulling a toboggan. Inspired by his deceased grandfather's counsel conferred in a dream, Giant elicits the help of his uncle Nikashant to organize a walk to raise awareness and funds for diabetes, a disease afflicting so many of his people. Readers will cheer through their tears.

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text