D.N. Sprague

D.N. Sprague has been teaching history at the University of Manitoba since 1971. In 1978 he began working with the Manitoba Métis Federation to develop the history of the administration of the land promised the Métis by the Government of Canada. His articles on the subject have appeared in Canadian Ethnic Studies, The Journal of Canadian History, and The Manitoba Law Journal. Professor Sprague's other publications are in the fields of general Canadian history and historical methods. He is co-author of The Structure of Canadian History.


The Genealogy of the First Metis Nation
R.P. Frye
D.N. Sprague
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; M├ętis;

This is a detailed account of the original Metis who settled in the Red River district. With names, employment records and much more, it offers much for personal genealogy and land-claims research.

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