Dan Asfar

Dan Asfar has written about the history of the Old West and also has published nine collections of regional ghost stories. Asfar, who has a university degree in history, has traveled extensively across North America and has visited Australia and Mexico in researching tales of the paranormal.

Gabriel Dumont: War Leader of the Metis
Format: Paperback
Gabriel Dumont was a dynamic, powerful leader of the Metis people long before the North-West Rebellion in 1885 placed him alongside Louis Riel as the leaders of the rebel forces in Saskatchewan. The story of his life in the changing West is a gripping tale of the struggle of one man against the irresistible forces of time.

Out of Print
Louis Riel (Asfar, Chodan)
Format: Paperback
Champion of a people or traitorous rabble-rouser? Political visionary or religious lunatic? Louis Riel is one of the most ambiguous figures in Canadian history, a man who stood and fell for the Metis nation. The doomed struggle of Louis Riel and his people against the unfamiliar new Canadian government is a story rich in drama and cultural change.Read about the fascinating western icon in this well-paced biography.

Suggested Grades: 9-12


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