Kristin Bieber Domm

Kristin is a teacher and a writer. She teaches part-time at Mount Saint Vincent University - in both the Faculty of Education and the English Department. She has a BA in Linguistics (Cornell University), an MSc in Education (Syracuse University) and an MAEd in Literacy Education (MSVU) with twenty-seven years' experience teaching in the public schools. Her fourth book for children was published in 2010. Kristin writes for adults and children. Her work has appeared in Saltscapes and Cricket magazines and she has contributed to textbook teacher guides.

Kristin's writing is anchored by a sense of place. She grew up in the heart of Detroit, became a high school exchange student to Embu, Kenya, and worked as a rural volunteer in Madhya Pradesh, India. Kristin taught English as a second language in Syracuse, NY and language arts in a bilingual school on the south side of Chicago. With roots in Lunenburg County tracing back generations, Kristin moved to Nova Scotia in 1992. She teaches, writes, and plays the bassoon from her home in Cow Bay.

Eagle of the Sea
Kristin Bieber Domm
Jeffrey C. Domm
Format: Paperback

As they did with their immensely popular Atlantic Puffin, Jeff Domm and Kristin Bieber Domm have teamed up to create an accessible, engaging picture book about another of Atlantic Canada's famous birds: the eagle. Written in the first person, Eagle of the Sea details the life of Atlantic Canada's largest bird of prey. The text describes the eagle's life cycle, hunting prowess, and habitat, as well as its special anatomical features like talons and flying feathers. The colourful illustrations are well-researched and accurate; the depictions of eagles soaring through the air, pursuing prey, and even swimming are educational and awe-inspiring. Children will especially love Domm's illustrations of eaglets, newly hatched and learning to fly.

"Children will be captivated by pictures. The full-colour pictures depict young and mature eagles, close-ups of their unique features and an 'eagle's view' from high up in the sky...This book would make an excellent read aloud or could be used by older children for individual research projects...Highly recommended." — Resource Links, June 2010

"The prose is simple, spare and descriptive...Richly detailed acrylic paintings convey the majesty of these birds and add to the information in the text...good for reading aloud and simple enough for young students to read alone." — Canadian Children's Book News, January 2011

Additional Information
32 pages | 8.00" x 8.00"

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