Lou Allin

Born in Toronto, Canada, on June 5, 1945, Lou Allin grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where her film-booker father relocated. She received a PhD in English Renaissance Literature for her study of the murdered spy, Christoper Marlowe. With jobs scarce in the US, she returned to Canada, finding herself 250 miles north of Toronto in Sudbury, the Nickel Capital. Cambrian College employed her as a professor of English, where she taught very boring but occasionally useful courses to students of business and criminal justice.

With a cottage on a meteor-crater lake of sixty-four square miles as her inspiration, she began her Belle Palmer series, featuring a realtor and her German shepherd, Freya: Northern Winters Are Murder, Blackflies Are Murder, Bush Poodles Are Murder, Murder, Eh? and Memories Are Murder.

Now retired, Lou has moved to Canada's Caribbean, Vancouver Island, and lives with Friday the mini-poodle and Shogun and Zia the border collies in Sooke BC, overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca where the rain forest meets the sea and banana slugs frolic. Continued attacks on the forests by the timber companies have filled in where the mining industry in Northern Ontario left off.

Recently, she's begun a new series starring RCMP corporal Holly Martin. And on the Surface Die features the village of Fossil Bay. It will be followed by She Felt No Pain.

Five Star Gale published Lou's hardcover A Little Learning is a Murderous Thing, an academic mystery set in the Michigan Upper Peninsula and featuring Nikon, a GSD pup. Another hardcover, Man Corn Murders, takes place in the red-rock country of Utah in the Grand Staircase National Monument. The cover art of native pictographs on an alcove wall won a Covey Award.

Lou's interest in literacy causes won her a contract with Orca books to write That Dog Won't Hunt, a novella designed to appeal to adults who are reluctant readers. The main characters are a young drifter cowboy, a sixty-year-old alcoholic widow, a 1970 Mustang Mach One, and Bucky, an ancient golden retriever.
That Dog Won't Hunt (Rapid Reads)
Author: Lou Allin
Format: Paperback
  • Sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks.
    Cowboy drifter Rick Cooper is on the run in the California desert when he meets Gladys Ryan, an eccentric widow who offers him a ride in her classic 1970 Mustang. Before long she convinces him to accompany her to Northern Ontario to help refurbish her hunting lodge, promising him a share of the upcoming season's profits and hinting at more. The offer is too good to pass up. Rick takes to life in the bush, working hard to make the lodge successful. In his free hours he hunts birds, reluctantly taking Bucky, Gladys' ancient golden retriever along with him.

    But when the lucrative season comes to an end, Gladys refuses to share the profits, instead offering the hired man a few thousand dollars in wages. In the middle of a drinking bout, an argument ensues. Rick shoves Gladys and she falls and hits her head and dies. He takes her body into the remote bush and disposes of her trademark Mustang, telling anyone who asks that she has gone off on her annual snowbird vacation. No one seems suspicious and it looks like the perfect crime. Rick seems to have it all figured out…except what to do with Bucky…



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