Edeet Ravel

Edeet was born on an Israeli kibbutz near the Lebanese border and lived there until she was seven. Her parents then left for Montreal, their place of birth, and she returned to Jerusalem at age 18 to do a BA and MA in English Literature.

After five years of studies she moved back to Canada, where she completed an MA and PhD in Jewish Studies at McGill, in Biblical Exegesis, and an MA in Creative Writing at Concordia University. She taught for two decades (Holocaust Studies, Hebrew Literature and Biblical Exegesis at McGill, Creative Writing at Concordia University, and English Literature at John Abbott College). Edeet's most recent novels are The Saver (for teen readers) and Your Sad Eyes and Unforgettable Mouth.

Edeet has a daughter, Larissa, who is twenty-three. They live in Guelph, Ontario.

The Saver
Edeet Ravel
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian;
Grade Levels: 8; 9; 10;

Seventeen-year-old Fern struggles at school and lives with her mother in a roach-infested apartment where break-ins are common. Yet despite the fact that her mum refuses to apply for the assistance she's entitled to as an aboriginal, the two of them are managing to cope. Her mother suddenly dies, and Fern turns incredibly resourceful. She then becomes exhausted and frustrated, until she discovers that she is not really on her own after all.

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