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Raoul R. Anderson

Raoul Andersen is an honorary research professor at Memorial University. Ever since a Memorial University medical student undertook a project at Conne River in 1993, Andersen, along with John Crellin, another honorary research professor at Memorial University, has been involved with Mi'sel Joe in a variety of conferences and other educational activities. 

Mi'sel Joe: An Aboriginal Chief's Journey
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; First Nations; Mi'kmaq;

Mi'sel Joe: An Aboriginal Chief's Journey chronicles both the life of an individual and that of his people. Mi'sel Joe is the traditional and administrative chief of Newfoundland's Conne River Mi'kmaq Reserve. Through a series of taped interviews with Raoul Andersen and John Crellin, Mi'sel Joe tells his life story, including his unorthodox education through the many migratory jobs that took him as far west as Alberta.

Mi'sel Joe also speaks of a community fighting for the right to determine its own future. He tells of the struggle to revitalize traditional values in the face of racial prejudice. He reveals the steps being taken by aboriginal leaders, both in this province and elsewhere, to help their people gain respect in a white man's world without losing their own identity. Mi'sel Joe's story is his own, but it is also a window into Mi'kmaq history, culture, and traditions.

Suggested Grades: 8-12

Authenticity Note: Because of Mi'sel Joe's contributions to this work, it has been labelled as containing Authentic Indigenous Text.

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text