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Building Strong Learners

"At Strong Nations we are very committed to providing current & relevant learning strategies that support ALL learners. Our first addition to the site is a series of lesson plans that support reading comprehension."
- Terri

Ways to engage students in the thinking process while they are reading fiction: Effective reading instruction depends on the explicit teaching of decoding skills as well as the thinking processes required to make real meaning of the text. There are any number of strategies that can be used to teach students to deepen their thinking while reading. We have chosen to highlight six of these on the Strong Nations website. They have proven effective for all grade levels and curriculum areas and a brief description of each is provided below.

The six strategies that we chose to describe are suitable for all grade levels and curriculum areas. They will support a diverse range of students to engage in a more thoughtful reading experience. To be truly effective these strategies require explicit modeling and teaching. This takes time. If you were to consider allowing six to eight weeks for each strategy you should be able to introduce five of them within a school year. The following framework might help you with that planning:

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