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1234 First Nations Explore (Paperback)
Kim Soo Goodtrack , 2006
  • 1234 First Nations Explore

    There are so many wonderful and interesting facts about First Nations Culture. The 1234 book gives children a chance to count while they learn about Aboriginal Peoples from all over "Turtle Island".

    Kim is a Lakota artist, teacher in Vancouver, BC and children's TV show writer.

    These watercolour paintings are part of a collection that teaches about First Nation's culture. The paintings were featured in “Wakanheja“ in counting time with Terry Turtle.


A Boy of Tache (Paperback)
Ann Blades , 1995
  • B.C. Science Supplementary Resource: Gr.2-Life Science

    As the ice finally clears the river, Charlie, a boy on the Tache reserve in northern British Columbia, joins his grandparents for the annual spring beaver hunt. They travel by boat to their hunting camp, and Charlie and his grandfather, Za, set their traps. But they're not at the camp long when Za becomes ill and Charlie must go alone to get help. This is a simple, realistic story of how First Nations people continue traditional ways, and a touching story of a young boy's growing maturity and responsibility.


A Circle of Friends (Paperback)
Terri Mack , 2012
  • Level 7

    Illustrated by Bill Helin.

    Back cover book introduction:
    There are many things that we do with friends and family.
    What are some activities that you do with your friends and family?

    Book Dimensions: 6.5in x 5.5in
    Pages: 16

    2-Page Preview:


A Circle of Friends (6-pack) (Paperback)
Terri Mack , 2012
  • Level 7

    Illustrated by Bill Helin.

    Back cover book introduction:
    There are many things that we do with friends and family.
    What are some activities that you do with your friends and family?

    Book Dimensions: 6.5in x 5.5in
    Pages: 16

    2-Page Preview:


A Garden of Whales (Paperback)
Maggie Steincrohn Davis , 2008
  • Last night in my tub,
    in my tub while I scrubbed,
    I dreamed that I lived
    in the sea with the Whales.
    Magnificent Whales. Mysterious Whales.
    Mystical, Musical, Mountainous Whales.

    The narrator of this tale is a boy who knows that whales are magnificent but endangered creatures. He wants to do anything he can to save them, and as he scrubs in his bathtub, he dreams up a plan to save the whales.

    Children from all over the world also get in their bathtubs to save the whales, planting a garden of whales. He knows this is a fantasy, but the dreams of children are the roots of action.


A is for Algonquin (Hardcover)
Lovenia Gorman , 2005
  • The second title in our already popular provincial alphabet series, A is for Algonquin: An Ontario Alphabet will introduce young readers to all the beauty of this spectacular province. Written with the charm and knowledge of a life long resident, A is for Algonquin will teach youngsters of all ages about Ontario's inhabitants, history, flora and fauna, movers and shakers.

    As with our other two-tiered alphabet books, A is for Algonquin will answer a variety of questions about one of Canada's most picturesque provinces. Is the longest street in the world really in Ontario? And the world's longest skating rink? What is the Group of Seven?


A Moose in a Maple Tree: The All Canadian 12 Days of Christmas (Paperback)
Troy Townsin , 2008
  • Each year Canada hosts 35 million foreign tourists who spend over $16 billion. A Moose in a Maple Tree is a natural overseas gift and souvenir for visitors with its use of iconic Canadianisms: skiers, sled dogs, salmon, Mounties, lobsters, beavers, whales, hockey sticks, totem poles, snowmen, polar bears – and of course, the moose – all ultimately gathered together in a Canadian maple tree.

    A Moose in a Maple Tree will capture the imagination of young readers with its quirky twist on the original Christmas song while providing lively, colourful images created by Toronto graphic designer and illustrator, Jennifer Harrington. The book can be sung or read aloud and is designed as a learning tool that will instigate discussion about all things Canadian. The book is also a great tool for your readers learning to count.

    Partial proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated by the publisher to Make-A Wish-Canada.


A Name for a Metis (Paperback)
Deborah L. Delaronde , 1969
  • What's in a name? A little boy might be known as Great Big Nose because he's so nosy, or Big Ears because he listens so carefully. Yet there's one name that might suit him even better!


A Northern Alphabet (Paperback)
Ted Harrison , 2009
  • Beautifully-illustrated alphabet book depicting the people, animals, and way of people living in the North.


A Salmon for Simon (Paperback)
Betty Waterton , 1997
  • B.C. Science Supplementary Resource: Gr.1-Life Science

    Winner of the Governor General's award and the Canadian Library Association's Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon
    Illustrator's award when it was first published in 1979. This simple story of a boy and a fish delivers a subtle environmental message that will resonate with readers. Simon, a native boy, has been trying all summer to catch a salmon. He's
    about to give up when a bald eagle suddenly drops a big coho into a clam hole right before his eyes. But when Simon discovers that the salmon is alive, he no longer wants to keep it. It's too strong and beautiful. He'd rather set it free, which means he has to figure out how to get the heavy fish back to the ocean.


A Team Like No Other (Paperback)
Georgia Graham , 2006
  • Shining Willow Award winner 2006
    A 2005 Alberta Children''s Book of the Year Nominee
    OLA Best Bets Selection, 2004
    CBC Radio One Sounds Like Canada Recommended Title
    Canadian Children''s Book Centre Our Choice selection
    "Mush," shouted Stephen - and they were off. The wilderness, adventure and the thrill of near disaster - they''re all present in this moving tale of a boy and his dog. Stephen and his dad enjoy dog sledding in the mountains with their team of eight beautiful huskies. But pleasure almost turns to tragedy when Stephen finds himself alone on the sled as the dogs race toward the cliff''s edge. Disaster seems certain. But Stephen''s faith in Skoki, his lead dog, is rewarded when she averts disaster with moments to spare. Skoki''s trust in Stephen makes the two of them a team like no other. A Team Like No Other is a story of love and friendship set in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The knowledge that Stephen and Skoki can always count on each other brings depth to this simple story of a boy and his dog.


Accept and Value Each Person (Paperback)
Cheri Meiners , 2006
  • The world is becoming more diverse, and so are the daily lives of our children.

    Accepting and valuing people and groups who are different from oneself and one's immediate family are critical social skills. This book introduces diversity and related character education concepts: respecting differences, being inclusive, and appreciating people just the way they are. Includes questions, activities, and games that reinforce the ideas being taught.

    Common Core:

    Head Start:
    Supports the domains of Social & Emotional Development, Logic & Reasoning, Language Development, Literacy Knowledge & Skills, and Social Studies Knowledge & Skills in the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework.

    F&P: Grade 1/Ages 4–8/H


Alego (Hardcover)
Ningeokuluk Teevee , 2009
  • Alego is a beautifully simple story, written in Inuktitut and English, about a young Inuit girl who goes to the shore with her grandmother to collect clams for supper. Along the way she discovers tide pools brimming with life -- a bright orange starfish, a creepy-crawly thing with many legs called an ugjunnaq, a hornshaped sea snail and a sculpin.

    Written and illustrated by Ningeokuluk Teevee, one of the most interesting young artists in Cape Dorset, home to the great tradition of Inuit art, this is an enchanting and utterly authentic introduction to the life of an Inuit child and her world.

    Alego includes an illustrated glossary of sea creatures as well as a map of Baffin Island. Ages 4-7


An Aboriginal Carol (Hardcover)
David Bouchard , 2007
  • On the White Ravens'' Outstanding New International Books for Children and Young Adults list, 2008

    Canadian Children''s Book Centre Our Choice, 2009

    Before the angels stars grew dim
    And wondering hunters heard their hymn
    One mystic flute - one hundred drums
    One message clear, "A King has come!"
    Not one had ever seen the like
    By light of day or moon of night
    Before the angels stars grew dim
    And wondering hunters heard this hymn. . .

    An Aboriginal Carol is the ultimate Aboriginal collaboration:

    * poetry by Metis poet David Bouchard,
    * paintings by First Nations artist Moses Beaver, and
    * the music of Inuit performer Susan Aglukark.

    Best-selling Canadian author David Bouchard reworks Canada''s oldest and most well-known carol, The Huron Carol. The art of Moses Beaver, from the fly-in reserve of Summer Beaver, Ontario (Nikinamik), resonates and awakens an awareness that is at once exciting and empowering, a way for all people to understand the birth of Christ from an Aboriginal worldview. The pride of the north, Susan Aglukark, interprets, for the first time, the revered carol.

    Written in English and in Inuktituk, the language of Canada''s Inuit people, the book is accompanied by a CD, which includes a reading in both languages and a performance by Susan. An Aboriginal Carol is certain to become a classic.

    One of Canada''s bestselling and award winning authors, David Bouchard is of Metis descent. The author of over two dozen best-selling books, his If You''re Not from the Prairie is on Maclean''s list of the top 20 Canadian children''s books. David Bouchard was a teacher and a principal for many years before turning to writing. For more information, visit

    Moses (Amik) Beaver is from the isolated fly-in community of Nibinamik, (Summer Beaver) 500 kilometers north of Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario. While Moses work reflects the black lines of traditional Woodlands art, he embraces his own unique style of embedded images of spirits, human faces and animal forms, transcending physical boundaries to the outer dimensions of the spiritual realm. The images tell stories, represent ancient teachings of his people and remind those who gaze on the work, we are all connected to each other and the natural world. For more information, visit

    Singer/songwriter Susan Aglukark is one of Canada''s most unique artist''s and a leading voice in Canadian music. She blends the Inuktituk and English languages with contemporary pop music arrangements to tell the stories of her people, the Unuit of Arctic Canada. She is rapidly becoming known as an uplifting motivational speaker, able to reach both youth and adult audiences alike. For more information, visit


An Australian 1 2 3 of Animals (Paperback)
Bronwyn Bancroft , 2010
  • A delightful counting book of Australian animals by acclaimed indigenous artist Bronwyn Bancroft, this stunning picture book has lizards hissing and wallabies hopping.
    One platypus diving
    Two brolgas dancing
    Three koalas dozing
    Four crocodiles snapping
    Five kookaburras laughing . . . The book is both a delightful introduction to the numbers one through 15 and a unique exploration of Australian wildlife—some familiar, others more unusual. The animals featured include sugar gliders, emus, geckos, wallabies, and many more.


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