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Bull Trout's Gift
Format: Hardcover
, 2011
  • "We were wealthy from the water," Mitch Smallsalmon says, and like all the tribal elders, he speaks to our understanding of the natural world and the consequences of change. In this book the wisdom of the elders is passed on to the young as the story of the Jocko River, the home of the bull trout, unfolds for a group of schoolchildren on a field trip.

    The Jocko River flows through the Flathead Indian Reservation in northwestern Montana. For thousands of years the Salish and Pend d’Oreille Indians lived along its banks, finding food and medicine in its plants and fish, and in the game hunted on its floodplain. Readers of this story will learn, along with the students of Ms. Howlett's class, about the history and culture of the river and its meaning in Native life, tradition, and religion. They will also discover the scientific background and social importance behind the Tribes' efforts to restore the bull trout to its home waters.

    Beautifully illustrated and narrated in the tradition of the Salish and Kootenai Tribes, this account of conservation as the legacy of one generation to the next is about being good to the land that has been good to us. Bull Trout's Gift is steeped in the culture, history, and science that our children must know if they hope to transform past wisdom into future good.


Native American Gardening: Stories, Projects, and Recipes for Families
Format: Paperback
, 1996
  • Learn how to plan and prepare a garden site, celebrate the harvest, create traditional gardens, such as the "˜Three Sisters Garden" of corn, beans, and squash, and make Native American crafts such as gourd rattles and corn husk dolls, and use its many recipes to cook Native meals.


Red Alert
Format: Paperback
, 2009
  • "What the world needs today is a good dose of Indigenous realism," says Native American scholar Daniel Wildcat in this thoughtful, forward-looking treatise. The Native response to the environmental crisis facing our planet, Red Alert! seeks to debunk the modern myths that humankind is the center of creation and that it exerts control over the natural world.

    Taking a hard look at the biggest problem that we face today-the damaging way we live on this earth-Wildcat draws upon ancient Native American wisdom and nature-centered beliefs to advocate a modern strategy to combat global warming. Inspiring and insightful, Red Alert! is a stirring call to action.


Ten Technologies to Save the Planet
Author: Chris Goodall
Format: Paperback
, 2010
  • Practical solutions for meeting our energy demands while combatting climate change on a large scale, from “the David Suzuki of Britain.”

    Respected, authoritative , award-winning author Chris Goodall adds new material to the climate change debate. His engaging and balanced volume—popular science writing at its most crucial—is arguably the most readable, most comprehensive overview of large-scale solutions to climate change available.

    Everyone agrees we need to slash global greenhouse emissions. But how do we achieve that goal? Goodall profiles ten technologies to watch, explaining how they work and telling the stories of the inventors, scientists, and entrepreneurs who are driving them forward. Some of Goodall’s selections, such as the electric car, are familiar. Others, like algae and charcoal, are more surprising.

    Ten Technologies to Save the Planet combines cutting-edge analysis and straightforward explanations about the pros and cons of each proposed solution and busts myths along the way.


The Better World Shopping Guide: 4th Edition: Every Dollar Makes A Difference
Author: Ellis Jones
Format: Paperback
, 2010
  • Many companies claim to be good corporate citizens. So how does a responsible shopper separate the truly green from the greenwashers? Now in its third edition, The Better World Shopping Guide is the only comprehensive guide for socially and environmentally responsible consumers. This 100,000-copy bestseller rates every product on the shelf from A to F so you can quickly tell the good guys from the bad guys? turning your grocery list into a powerful tool to change the world.

    Drawing on over 20 years of research, this completely revised and updated third edition includes over 45 sources of data, new product categories, a more accurate ranking system, additional business profiles and links to the latest online resources. Whether you're in the market for appliances or zucchini, The Better World Shopping Guide will help you find out which companies actually walk the talk when it comes to:

    * environmental sustainability
    * human rights
    * community involvement
    * animal protection
    * social justice.

    Small enough to fit in a back pocket or handbag and organized in a user-friendly format, The Better World Shopping Guide will help you change the world as you shop!


The Medicine Wheel Garden: Creating Sacred Space for Healing, Celebration, and Tranquillity
Format: Paperback
, 2002
  • The American Indian medicine wheel is an ancient way of creating sacred space and calling forth the healing energies of nature. Now, drawing on a lifetime of study with native healers, herbalist and ethnobotanist E. Barrie Kavasch offers a step-by-step guide to bringing this beautiful tradition into your own life--from vibrantly colorful outdoor circle designs to miniature dish, windowsill, or home altar adaptations. Inside you'll find:

    Planting guides for medicine wheel gardens in every zone, from desert Southwest to northern woodlands

    A beautifully illustrated encyclopedia of 50 key healing herbs, including propagation needs, traditional and modern uses, and cautions

    Easy-to-follow herbal recipes, from teas and tonics to skin creams and soaps--plus delicious healing foods

    Ideas for herbal crafts and ceremonial objects, including smudge sticks, wind horses, prayer ties, and spirit shields

    • Seasonal rituals, offerings, and meditations to bless and empower your garden and your friends, and much more

    Practical, beautiful, and inspiring, The Medicine Wheel Garden leads us on a powerful journey to rediscovering the sacred in everyday life as we cultivate our gardens . . . and our souls.


The Prairie Builders
Format: Paperback
, 2005
  • The Prairie Builders - Reconstructing America's Lost Grasslands

    Sneed B. Collard III profiles Pauline Drobney and her crew as they struggle to rebuild a tallgrass prairie in central Iowa. From setting fires to rejuvenate the landscape, to searching for native seeds, to tracking down the elusive Regal Fritillary with Dr. Diane Debinsky, the story of rebuilding and regenerating the prairie landscape is a compelling and inspiring one.


The Zero-Mile Diet: A Year-Round Guide to Growing Organic Food
Author: Carolyn Herriot
Format: Paperback
, 2010
  • This definitive month-by-month guide brings gardeners into the delicious world of edible landscaping and helps take a load off the planet as we achieve greater food security. Full of illustrative colour photos and step-by-step instructions, The Zero-Mile Diet shares wisdom gleaned from 30 years of food growing and seed saving with comprehensive advice on:
    • Growing organic food year-round
    • The small fruit orchard and backyard berries
    • Superb yet simple seasonal recipes
    • Preserving your harvest
    • Seed saving and plant propagation
    • Dirt-cheap ways to nourish your soil
    • Backyard poultry—it’s less time-consuming than you
    • Growing vegetables in the easiest way possible
    • A–z guide to growing the best vegetables and herbs

    Put organic home-grown fruits and vegetables on your table throughout the year, using the time-saving, economical and sustainable methods of gardening outlined in The Zero-Mile Diet. This book is about REAL food and how eating it will change our lives for the better.


To Look Closely
Author: Laurie Rubin
Format: Paperback
, 2013
  • Science and literacy in the natural world

    Discover how nature study can help students become careful, intentional observers of all they see, growing into stronger readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientists in the process. From setting a tone of inquiry-based thinking in the classroom to suggesting specific units of study for reading, writing, and science, this book will guide you step by step through the basics of integrating the skills acquired during nature study into every subject. You will also discover all the ways that this purposeful work nurtures "green" citizens who become determined to respect and protect the natual environment.


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