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I'm Adopted!
Author: Sheila M. Kelly
Format: Paperback
, 2012
  • Why does my sister look so different from me? Is it true that your new brother came from another country?

    This colorful, engaging look at adoption for parents and children features a perceptive text and dynamic photographs. The creators of this book demystify adoption for young children and celebrate the joy that comes with adding to a family.


Nala's Magical Mitsiaq: A Story of Inuit Adoption
Author: Jennifer Noah
Format: Paperback
, 2013
  • Adoption among Inuit families—known as Inuit custom adoption—is a unique and age-old practice that sees families within Nunavut placing children with adoptive parents in the community as they see fit. This tradition remains a celebrated part of Inuit culture and identity to this day.

    Nala’s Magical Mitsiaq tells the story of how Nala and Qiatsuk became sisters through Inuit custom adoption. This story, lovingly based on the author’s own family, explains the unique process of custom adoption and introduces kids to the importance of adoption within Inuit culture. Adorable illustrations and heartfelt text bring this tale of family love to life for readers both familiar and unfamiliar with this unique cultural tradition.


Somebody's Child
Author: Bruce Gillespie
, 2011
  • UNIVERSAL STORIES OF LONGING AND BELONGING Our quest for origin and, by extension, identity is universal to the human experience. For the twenty-five contributors to Somebody's Child, the topic of adoption is not—and perhaps never can be—a neutral issue. With unique courage, each of them discusses their experience of the adoption process. Some share stories of heartbreak; others have discovered joy; some have searched for closure. Somebody's Child captures the many unforgettable faces and voices of adoption. The third book in a series of anthologies about the twenty-first-century family, Somebody's Child follows Nobody's Mother and Nobody's Father, two essay collections from childless adults on parenthood, family and choices. Together, these three books challenge readers to reexamine traditional definitions of the concept of "family."


The Moccasins
Author: Earl Einarson
Traditional Territory: Cree, Métis, Ktunaxa
Format: Paperback
, 2004
  • This is an Endearing Story of a young Aboriginal foster child who is given a special gift by his foster mother. Her gift of warmth and thoughtfulness helps her young foster children by encouraging self-esteem, acceptance and love.


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