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A Terrible Thing Happened
Format: Paperback
, 2000
  • Sherman Smith saw the most terrible thing happen. At first he tried to forget about it, but soon something inside him started to bother him. He felt nervous for no reason. Sometimes his stomach hurt. He had bad dreams. And he started to feel angry and do mean things, which got hi m in trouble. Then he met Ms. Maple, who helped him talk about the terrible thing that he had tried to forget. Now Sherman is feeling much better. This gently told and tenderly illustrated story is for children who have witnessed any kind of violent or traumatic episode, including physical abuse, school or gang violence, accidents, homicide, suicide, and natural disasters such as floods or fire. An afterword by Sash a J. Mudlaff written for parents and other caregivers offers extensive suggestions for helping traumatized children, including a list of other sources that focus on specific events.


Hear My Roar: A Story of Family Violence
Format: Paperback
, 2009
  • It seems to Orsa Bear that Papa is angry all the time—especially after he’s had a lot of jack-berry wine. If Papa’s not yelling at Mama about the weeds in their garden, he’s roaring at Orsa for being clumsy at his chores. Orsa is scared, and doesn’t understand why his father acts this way. After a long winter’s sleep things get worse, but with the help of Dr. Owl, Mama and Orsa bravely take steps to break the cycle of violence.

    Told in an easy-to-read, graphic narrative format, Hear My Roar provides a gentle, non-threatening approach to talking with children about family violence. With a foreword and afterword to help parents, teachers and caregivers use the story with young readers.

    This edition of Hear My Roar was adapted from the now out-of-print edition of the same book by Dr. Ty Hochban, who has conducted extensive research in child developmental psychology and the effects of family violence.


Something Is Wrong at My House
Author: Diane Davis
Format: Paperback
, 2010
  • How can kids understand -- and cope -- when their parents fight? Based on a true story, this 32-page book shows a child seeking, and finally obtaining, help in a domestic violence situation. Written so that it can be used with both the very young, and the school-age child, Something Is Wrong at My House provides brief text with illustrations on one page of each two-page spread, and more detailed information on the facing page. Ideal for use by school nurses, counselors, social workers and teachers, and by therapists, and the staff in shelters.


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