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Dancing in My Bones
Traditional Territory: Métis
Format: Paperback
, 2008
  • Book 2 in the trilogy: Fiddle Dancer, Dancing In My Bones, Call of the Fiddle.

    Dancing in My Bones, the sequel to the highly successful book Fiddle Dancer, returns us to the story of a young Metis boy named Nolin as he continues to discover his Metis heritage.
    Lovingly written by Wilfred Burton and Anne Patton and vividly illustrated by Sherry Farrell Racette, Dancing in My Bones will take you on a journey to discover Moushoom's first moose hunt, red lipstick kisses, Uncle Bunny's fiddling, and the return of the "Bannock Jig." But most importantly, by the end of the story, you might feel like you have dancing in your bones!

    Includes a CD with English and Michif Narrations of the Story and Fiddle Music!


I Am Raven: A Story of Discovery
Author: David Bouchard
Traditional Territory: Métis
Format: Hardcover
, 2008
  • David Bouchard dives into his own life and identity in this beautifully illustrated book.

    Personal totems are often described as animal spirit guardians. Totems are passed down through family lines. The beautiful prose describes an amazing personal journey of discovery, finally, inviting the reader to do the same.


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