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Broken Circle: The Dark Legacy of Indian Residential Schools: A Memoir
Format: Paperback
, 2010
  • Theodore Fontaine lost his family and freedom just after his seventh birthday, when his parents were forced to leave him at an Indian residential school by order of the Roman Catholic Church and the Government of Canada. Twelve years later, he left school frozen at the emotional age of seven. He was confused, angry and conflicted, on a path of self-destruction. At age 29, he emerged from this blackness. By age 32, he had graduated from the Civil Engineering Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and begun a journey of self-exploration and healing.

    In this powerful and poignant memoir, Theodore examines the impact of his psychological, emotional and sexual abuse, the loss of his language and culture, and, most important, the loss of his family and community. He goes beyond details of the abuses of Native children to relate a unique understanding of why most residential school survivors have post-traumatic stress disorders and why succeeding generations of First Nations children suffer from this dark chapter in history.

    Told as remembrances described with insights that have evolved through his healing, his story resonates with his resolve to help himself and other residential school survivors and to share his enduring belief that one can pick up the shattered pieces and use them for good.


Come Walk With Me A Memoir
Format: Paperback
, 2009
  • In 1983, Beatrice Mosionier (then Culleton) blazed onto the stage of Canadian literature with the publication of her first novel, In Search of April Raintree. With searing clarity, Mosionier explored the struggle of two Metis sisters to make sense of the powerlessness, racism and loss that loomed so large in their lives.

    For years, readers have been asking: how much of April Raintree’s story is from the author’s own life?

    Come Walk with Me, a Memoir, is the answer to that question.

    In it she recounts a life that often parallels that of her most memorable fictional character. Like April, Mosionier confronts great loss – of family, of innocence, and of dignity. However, whereas April is just beginning her quest for self-realization, Mosionier shares with us how she found fulfillment – artistically, politically, and personally. She also includes the recovery of her powerful bond with her mother, a bond nearly destroyed by the family’s separation in 1952.


It Is a Good Day
Author: Corrine Hunt
Format: Paperback
, 2013
  • Olaka Iku Da Nala (It is a Good Day) -- In this book Corrine Hunt recounts the experiences surrounding the creation of the medals and the events during and after the 2010 Winter Olympics. Paperback. 86 pages.


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