Raven Series: Mini Raven Series Set

Year Published: 2017
Author: Terri Mack
Artists: Bill Helin
Language: English
Traditional Territory: Kwakwaka'wakw
Format: Paperback
Status: In Print
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The Raven Series are a set of six books written for the emergent reader and learner. Each book focuses on a specific learning intention that builds on strengthening learning with the support of an adult. The titles and their learning intentions are:

Raven and the Box: promotes an oral retell
Raven and Duck: basic concepts
Raven Can Count: number recognition
I Spy Raven: rhyme and perspective
Raven Learns the ABC's: letter recognition, vocabulary building
Raven Makes a Necklace: colours and patterns

These 3"X4" books are great for young readers just learning how to read.

The Big Book Raven Series can be found in the Raven Series Category

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