Ordering Options

Strong Nations offers you several ways to order books and merchandise. Please note that our printable order forms are not reflective of our entire collection of over 1500 titles, but are specific to curricular initiatives. If you would like an order form made for your provincial, district, organization or community needs please give us a call.

1. Online
Ordering online is the fastest and easiest way to order. By browsing our site sections or by searching for an exact title, you can see everything that we have to offer and updated as soon as it arrives. Online orders are designed to be placed from the Shopping Basket

2. Fax
Faxing your order in is another way to order from us. You can print off any of our printable order forms or send us your own list, then fax your order over to us! Our toll free fax number is: 1.877.473.3003

3. Email
If you already have a list compiled then you may email it over to us. You may also scan and email any of the printable order forms. All email orders can be sent to: quote@strongnations.com

4. Phone
Calling us up on the phone can sometimes be the easiest method of ordering too. Our office is open from 8am - 4:30pm (PST), Monday to Friday and our toll fee number is: 1.888.278.2202

5. Mail
Mail orders are also welcome. Feel free to use any of our printable order forms or send us your own list. Please mail to:
Strong Nations
Suite 1 - 1970 Island Diesel Way
Nanaimo, BC
V9S 5W8, Canada

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