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"Water: The Sacred Relationship" is a beautiful journey of learning, dialogue and reconciliation of western science and traditional Indigenous teachings (Indigenous science) focusing on our collective need to protect the water. The site includes 15 videos, lesson plans for grades 5 and 6 which align with the Alberta Program of Studies for Science and Social Studies, and endless knowledge and wisdom from our Elders. Check it out! The resource is available free of charge to anyone who wou ...

Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans have been well received, thank you! We wanted to make it easier for you to find them. Click here to go to: Kids Books > Reading Connections. You can choose from either Fiction or Non Fiction. Soon to come, Numeracy lesson plans.

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Off to Toronto!
» February 2 / 2015

Strong Nations will be represented at the upcoming Reading For the Love Of It conference held at the Sheraton Centre Hotel on Monday, February 9th & Tuesday, February 10th. Please come by and say hello if you're attending.

Many thanks to the teams of folks who have been coming out for Strong Nations workshops on site! Departure Bay School, VI Aboriginal Circle, VIU, Richmond SD, Courtney SD, Sooke SD, Woodlands Seconday, and the Foster Parents Association. We are happy to send you information via e-mail if you would like to know more information.

Many thanks as well to the authors and illustrators who are holding both signing and reading events at our new store. If you are in this area and would like to book an event please contact us.

We're excited to start launching our new product line, Strong Learners. This line supports our Strong Readers in various ways either before or after the read. We hope to have our new product ready for the shelves in the next 2 weeks or less.

That's all for now, stay warm wherever you may be!

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Did You Know...

What is the proper etiquette for Sweat Lodge ceremonies? First Nations Elders recommend that each person enters the Sweat Lodge with appropriateness, kindness, and with prayers. Participants have their own reasons for participating in a Sweat Lodge ceremony and participants should undertake the Sweat Lodge ceremony with postive energies, feelings and emotions. First Nations Elders are role models that exemplify this behaviour and mindset. As in any ceremony, appropriate dress and attire is n ...
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