Waubgeshig Rice

Waubgeshig Isaac Rice is a broadcast journalist and author who lives in Ottawa, ON. Born of an Anishinaabe dad and a Canadian mom, he grew up in a beautiful place called Wasauksing on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario.

He's extremely proud of his background, but he actually speaks German better than Ojibway. You'll have to ask him why.

Waubgeshig is an avid music and sports fan, and enjoys covering and writing about the Aboriginal experience in Canada.

He has a deep affinity for his community and feels blessed to have so many loving friends and family in his circle. His debut work of fiction, Midnight Sweatlodge, will be available through Theytus Books in May 2011.
Drum Making: A Guide for the Anishinaabe Hand Drum
Author: Waubgeshig Rice
Format: Paperback
, 2000
  • Drum Making: A Guide for the Anishinaabe Hand Drum

    The drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth. It has been a cornerstone of First Nation culture since time immemorial.This guidebook explores the roots of the Anishinaabe hand drum and leads you through one contemporary method used to make your own hand drum.


Laughter is Good Medicine: Don Burnstick
Author: Waubgeshig Rice
Format: Paperback
, 2009
  • Don Burnstick, world-famous Aboriginal comedian, has travelled to far off corners of the world, telling jokes and motivating people to overcome adversity in their lives. He’s headlined sold-out theatres and spoken at community gyms in remote reserves. His message has always been constant: laugh, stay positive, and never give up.

    Don has been a catalyst in the healing and wellness movement for the past twenty years and has used humour and performance to provide a holistic approach to healing. His message speaks to a proud heritage, the importance of healing through humour and his continuing desire to leave a better world for our future generations.


Author: Waubgeshig Rice
Traditional Territory: Anishinaabeg
Format: Paperback
, 2014
  • Legacy is the first novel by Waubgeshig Rice, whose collection of stories; Midnight Sweatlodge (Theytus Books, 2011) was the Gold Medal Winner of the Independent Publisher Book Awards, 2012 for Adult Multicultural Fiction. Set in the 1990s, Legacy deals with violence against a young Indigenous woman and the lingering after-shocks on an Anishnawbe family in Ontario. Its themes of injustice, privilege, and those denied it, reconciliation and revenge, are as timely as today's headlines.


Midnight Sweatlodge
Author: Waubgeshig Rice
Format: Paperback
, 2011
  • Midnight Sweatlodge tells the tale of family members, friends and strangers who gather together to partake in this ancient healing ceremony. Each person seeks traditional wisdom and insight to overcome pain and hardship, and the characters give us glimpses into their lives that are both tearful and true. Rice captures the raw emotion and unique challenges of modern Aboriginal life. It’s a hard-hitting and genuine look at the struggles First Nations people face.


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