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» Read More The Networks of Inquiry and Innovation (NOII) is a voluntary, inquiry-based network of schools in British Columbia, Canada. Established in 2000 and funded by the BC Ministry of Education, the NOII is designed to improve the quality and equity of education in BC through inquiry, teamwork across roles, schools and districts, as well as a focus on applying coaching forms of assessment to assist learners to take greater ownership of their learni ...

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Our lesson plans have been well received, thank you! We wanted to make it easier for you to find them. Click here to go to: Kids Books > Reading Connections. You can choose from either Fiction or Non Fiction. Soon to come, Numeracy lesson plans.

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Year End Resources...
» May 20 / 2015

Now that we are back home with all our road trips under our belt for this year it's time to add in some new content. But first, our thanks go out to all of the amazing support that we received from the many districts that we have visited, the many conferences that we have attended and all the folks that have come here to Strong Nations for a workshop. With the amount of engagement that we have seen this year I anticipate that in 5 years from now we will have such incredible understanding of Aboriginal content like we have never seen before. All the indicators are there and we at Strong Nations are working hard to meet the needs of everyone.

New content...I have added a new theme bundle today: Primary Inuit Theme. I will be adding in a Primary Metis Theme and Primary First Nations Theme over the next couple of days. Also, check out the New Arrivals tab to see all the single new titles that have been added.

In particular, 2 new titles have recently been launched to pay special attention to:
From the Heart: How 100 Canadians Created an Unconventional Theatre Performance about Reconciliation and Inuit Songs & Stories, Learn How to Throat Sing.

Mark June 1st @ 7:00 on your calendars! David Suzuki will be at Beban Park Auditorium:
We're excited to announce that David Suzuki is gearing up to visit coastal B.C. from June 1 to 13, and you're invited!
Both the David Suzuki Foundation and David Suzuki have a long history of work, activism and friendships on B.C.'s coast. This series of events will honour that past and help build for the future.
We're aiming to celebrate, motivate and connect coastal communities, First Nations and partners around our shared respect and admiration for the coastal waters that make British Columbia such an amazing place to live.
The events will begin with 30-minute preview of Ian Mauro’s upcoming feature film on climate change, followed by a discussion about the challenges facing your community and your hopes for the future of British Columbia’s spectacular coastal waters. We hope you will share your ideas with us, so that we can take them to even larger audiences after the tour.
Register for one of the Celebrating Coastal Connections events today.

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Did You Know...

What is a tobacco offering? A tobacco offering is a universal protocol among First Nations people. Other gifts may accompany the tobacco including blankets, cloth (print), guns or horses. Many knowledge keepers or Elders teach that the gifts given are at the discretion of the person. The more contemporary gift is monetary, especially for meetings or other such events when prayer is needed from Elders. Most First Nations Elders will accept tobacco signifying their willingness to offer assistanc ...
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